1 on 1 Personal Training

Tailored training designed around your individual needs and schedule

1 on 1 Training

Whether you want to shed a few pounds, increase strength, spice up your current program, have special health/injury needs, or just want to take back control of your health and fitness, PFP can help. With 1 on 1 training, we design a personalized program that addresses your individual needs and goals then we work with you every step of the way. You simply show up and there is no thinking about what to do, you just know you will receive the best workout every time you show up tailored to your individual needs. Each training session delivers a positive workout in a motivating environment that is fun and keeps you on track to achieve your goals.


Other Benefits Include:

  • Flexible Scheduling that works around your busy schedule. Increased Accountability.
  • Individualized Training Program and Nutrition Advice. 
  • Improved Strength, Stamina and Energy.
  • You Will Feel Better Making You Want to Workout!