This picture says it all and surprisingly, average Americans will replace about 3 pounds of muscle with 5 pounds of fat every 5 years after the age of 40. 


The good news is you can reverse these effects by changing your lifestyle.  If you eat cleaner and strength train properly, you can add more muscle tissue to your body which means you will accomplish 3 things:


1. Burn more calories 24/7,
2. Have a healthier body composition
3. Get stronger as you age


Burn more calories 24/7
1 pound of muscle burns 4 times more calories than 1 pound of fat.  When you strength train, you build lean muscle tissue. When you don’t strength train, you lose it with age.   With more lean muscle tissue, your metabolism increases which means you are burning calories around the clock, not just when you are working out.


Have a healthier body composition
As shown in the picture, lean muscle takes up less space in your body than fat does.  If you want to trim your waist, stomach and hip lines, don’t just kill yourself with cardio thinking you will burn it all off.  Many times you will break muscle tissue down doing this which can cause a “skinny fat” look.  Bottom line….build lean muscle.  Its not so much about trying to lose weight.  Losing weight will come as a byproduct of clean eating, proper strength training and the right dosage of cardiovascular exercise.


Get strong as you age
Research has show you can build muscle at 90 years of age.  Losing strength and becoming frail is one of the main reasons people need assisted living when they get older.  This can be reversed with proper exercise.  In addition, there are hundreds of reasons why strength training is important for us…..gives you a lean look, strengthens your bones, helps you keep up with the kids, reduces stress, regulates hormone levels and the list goes on.

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