3 Tips to Burn More Fat

1. Build Muscle – Muscle is the most active tissue in your body. The more lean muscle you have, the more calories your body burns. Your workouts should be focused around building your body up, not breaking it down through high caloric burn workouts that actually break muscle down and can cause you to gain weight. Avoid programs that claim to help you lose 10-40lbs in a month or burn 1000 calories a session. This is not sustainable or healthy for you. Also lifting weights doesn’t make you bulky, it actually helps your tank tops and jeans fit better!

2. Lift weights slow. There are certain exercises that are done with a faster tempo but the majority of resistance exercises should be done with a 2-3 second tempo down and up. This allows you to recruit more muscle fibers, increases muscle tension, reduces joint injuries and helps you build lean muscle and taps into fat stores as a result of building more lean muscle. When workouts focus on high reps and high intensity and are ballistic in nature, at some point you will visit the doctors office.

3. Think marathon not sprint. If you are on fad diets that claim you will have rapid weight loss, you will probably gain more weight 6 months later. It throws your body out of balance and is not sustainable. Think small changes. Shoot for 2lbs per month. This is sustainable and doable for most people. If you lose 2lbs/month for 12 months, I think by June 2019 you would be happy if you were down 24lbs. Eat clean with small portion sizes….i.e eggs and avocado + 1 piece toast for breakfast, turkey sandwich for lunch with berries, chicken breast w/ sweet potatoes and asparagus for dinner…think balance and clean and small portions….. 1lb is 3500 calories, if you cut 250 calories out of your diet each day for 14 days, that’s 3500 calories. Start with one area you can be better. I know for me its what I eat after 9pm….choose the vanilla frozen yogurt instead of the chocolate peanut butter cup ice cream. Think small changes. They are easier to achieve and more attainable in the long haul.