1.   Focus on building lean muscle as you age that burns more calories 24/7 versus just trying to burn more calories in the workout which can actually break muscle down and leave you scratching your head why you’re not getting the results you are looking for.  Strength training is key as we get older to keep lean muscle on the body and from a body composition standpoint strength training makes you look better and feel better. Muscles give men & women shape in places they want while trimming fat where they don’t want.


    2.  How you lift is key, you should be able to create maximize tension in lots of muscle groups versus just “lifting the weights.”  Think whole body movements done through full ranges of motions at slow tempos, these are safest, most functional and should be very challenging and require concentrated efforts.  If you use lights weights and do high reps, you are wasting your time.

     3.  Don’t get lured into programs that produce short term gains that focus on high rep ballistic moves with little regard for form and function and put you at risk for injury. Workouts should not focus on a high caloric burn, but rather on building your body with exercises that are challenging on muscles but kind on joints that create a mind muscle connection combining mobility, strength and safety.  Your body will respond by building muscle, dropping fat and allowing you to feel more freedom of motion in workouts.

        4.  Choose organic milk, meats and produce and eat natural, most meat is so contaminated with toxins since its mass produced then we ingest the cancer producing chemicals….keep portions small, choose more leafy greens, eat foods with substance….almonds, smoothies, organic eggs, hummus, fruit that can combat the free radical bad cells in our body.



Mike Caza is recognized as a leader in the field of Adult fitness and Athletic performance training.  This is due to the extraordinary results he has helped individuals achieve since 2004. Mike’s credibility as a former Olympic level athlete, exercise physiologist, recent Hall of Fame inductee at Kent State and having been mentored by some of the top strength and conditioning coaches around the world during his Olympic journey give him unique perspective on training adults and athletes of all ages and skill levels.