5 Tips for Staying in Shape During the Holidays

By Coach Marisa Seitz

  1. Sign up for a local holiday walk/run: Many cities host 5k fun runs throughout the holiday season. Grab a running or walking buddy and sign up for one to help you stay active!
  1. Shop in stores: Limit the online shopping and get some extra steps in by walking through stores to find the gifts you are looking for this holiday season.  When you get there, park far away from the entrance.
  1. Pack Snacks: Holiday shopping can be draining. Avoid food court temptations by packing your own snacks to take with you when hunger strikes. Snacks like one serving of mixed nuts, half of a PB sandwich, or a low sugar granola bar are all great options to give you extra energy.
  1. Sign up for a group class: Working out with a group of people may give you the extra motivation you need to commit to a workout. Sign up with a friend to give you even more motivation to go!
  1. Set goals: Setting attainable goals such as committing to that Monday and Wednesday morning workout every week will help keep you motivated and on task with your fitness goals.