By Mike Caza – Owner/Founder

  • Inspire – I can remember as a kid growing up playing sports, I was fortunate to have a lot of good coaches with credibility that inspired me and always had the time to educate and help me improve as an athlete. This shaped my approach to inspire athletes at PFP. Every day, we spend time talking to athletes about an inspirational word of the week that educates and gives athletes the proper perspective on training which in turn builds confidence over time.
  • Accountability – When an athlete is held accountable for their actions, this gives them a sense of accomplishment and reassurance. At PFP,  we do this by designing each athlete’s strength program so it is specific to their needs, then we hold each athlete accountable to properly record their weights, date their sheets and write any comments about their training each day which in turn builds confidence over time. In addition, when an athlete knows they are putting in the proper work that is required to get better, this gives them a sense of accomplishment and boosts confidence.
  • Goal Setting – If you don’t have a goal set, your training has no purpose.  We use goal setting as a means to build confidence.  We do this by testing every 7 weeks in one area then setting realistic goals with them afterwards.  When athletes have specific goals to work towards, this builds confidence.
  • Our Team– In today’s society, credible coaches are few and far between.  We feel it is important for athletes to have a credible coach they can look up to that can relate to their needs and has trained and competed at a high level.  When an athlete has someone to look up to that understands the training process and has been there, this builds confidence.                     
  • Positive Encouragement –It is important for us to create an environment that is positive and encourages athletes to want to come and train.  When an athlete wants to train and get better as a result of creating the proper environment that fosters positive encouragement and proper training, an athlete will generate great results and build confidence every step of the way.