For more than 10 years, Marita, Don, Marianne, Kevin and Leslie have trained at Premier Fitness & Performance in Twinsburg.  Collectively these 5 have spent 50 years of their life working out at Premier to live a stronger, healthier life.  So why 10 plus years at one gym?  We sought out to ask them some questions about their life, workouts and what keeps them motivated to lead a healthy, strong life and wanted to share their feedback with you. 


For Marita, “honestly, I’m not very motivated to workout but I view it as a necessity to stay strong, healthy and stave off bone loss.  “Having a scheduled time in an uncrowded facility with a small group and personalized training is what keeps me coming back. “ What I like most about Premier are the trainers. “They are knowledgeable, pleasant, engaging and bring variety into the workouts.  “Even in group classes they easily adapt the workout to suit an individual’s needs or limitations.”


For Kevin, “I am motivated to do all the activities I enjoyed in my 20’s for as long as I can.  “I believe the only way that will happen is if I stay physically fit year round.  “The structure of the adult fitness classes has helped me maintain the strength and mobility I need in order to stay physically fit and enjoy the activities that have been part of my life since childhood.”

For many people it can be hard to get motivated and find a workout that you enjoy and can stick with for the long haul says PFP owner Mike Caza.  “We’ve always looked at the design and delivery of our workouts through the eyes of our members so they keep coming back.   “We strive to deliver the best experience for them and that means having a well designed workout anyone can do, providing personalized attention and delivering the workout in a fun, positive environment.”


For Leslie, “the workouts are fun and I know how great I feel when I workout regularly every week.  The coaches are positive and motivating.  Premier emphasizes core strengthening and provides exercises that hit all the major muscle groups.  This has helped me feel stronger and has improved my balance, all of which becomes more important as I age.


For Don and Marianne, “working out twice a week helps us stay active in our daily life with kids and grandchildren.  We like to play tennis and cycle so the strength training helps with those sports also.
Knowing we have an appointment every Tuesday and Thursday morning keeps us motivated and on track.”


I think the challenge for most people is time management says Mike Caza.  We are all crazy busy with work, kid’s sports, keeping up with chores around the house, getting to the grocery store, doing laundry and the list goes on.  For many people, knowing you have an appointment on the calendar every week keeps you committed says Caza. By simply blocking off 2 or 3 days each week on your calendar as “workout time” makes it part of your weekly routine.


We always say, “working out is like brushing your teeth, you just do it because you know it’s good for you. You don’t have to be the old frail person with poor strength and posture as you get older.  All of these things are reversible with the right workout program.  When you have more energy, strength, mental clarity, flexibility and stamina, you can do more of the things you did in your younger years and get more enjoyment out of life.

Premier Fitness and Performance helps people aged 40 plus create a manageable fitness routine they enjoy while helping them build lasting habits that allow them to generate the best results.  PFP is located in Twinsburg and provides 3 quality Adult programs in their 10,000 square foot facility; 1 on 1 training, Semi private training and Group training.  Get started today by scheduling a complimentary class at www.premierfitnessoh.com or by calling 330-487-0810