• Reduce Injury – a number of athletes experience muscle fatigue and soreness during the season.  Soreness can be reduced with the appropriate flexibility and massage training program because it flushes toxic debris out of the muscles that accumulate which cause soreness. Many athletes just train through it all season and the result is muscle breakdown, injuries and burnout which can lead to subpar performance.
  • Sustainability – the hard work done in the Off-Season needs to be transferred to the playing field and sustained for an entire sport season. When an athlete stops lifting during the season, they get to the midway point of the season and their performance starts to diminish, injuries set in, and there is less psychological drive to succeed.  If you are not getting stronger, you are getting weaker.
  • Confidence – When an athlete is strong and recovered they feel good both physically and mentally and this keeps confidence levels high which are essential to performing well during the season.
  • Staying Sharp – Every athlete wants to maintain speed, agility and quickness during their sport season. In Season training fine-tunes speed, agility and quickness by doing less but with higher quality.  This ultimately helps them sustain the rigors of the entire season while having more consistent performances on the playing field


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