Congrats!  You've been given a Free 7 day membership as a Christmas Gift from your friend this season!

Your gift includes:

-Two 60 minute Youth or High School speed & strength training sessions.
-High quality coaching that improves overall athleticism for better on field performance
-A Supportive, Structured environment that athletes thrive in
-World class training methods that are rooted in Olympic credentials and used by over 20,000 athletes
-A Free copy of our 7 Tips for Better Sports Nutrition report

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What's included in the Free Week?

1. Cutting Edge Sports PerformanceTraining - You Get 2 One Hour Sessions to use in either our Youth (ages 10-13) or High School (ages 13-18) speed & strength program.  These sessions provide you with high quality training that improves speed, strength and power using our proven training methods that are rooted in Olympic credentials. Each session has a daily them of either Speed, Agility or Power we do for the first half of the session before moving into the weightroom for the Strength training portion in the second half of the session.

2. A 10 Minute Intro - On your first day, we will meet with you prior to your class and show you everything you need to know so you are comfortable and ready to go! You will leave the gym feeling energized and educated on new training methods to improve your sports performance!

3. Access to our Trainers - You can contact us whenever you want during the week to ask us questions or just touch base.  One of our trainers will be assigned to you and will check in with you during the week to keep you on track.

4. Our 7 Tips for Better Sports Nutrition Report - We're giving you our 7 best tips to improve your nutrition for better on field performance.  You will learn what to eat and what not to eat as well as tips on breakfast, hydration, sugar and more so your nutrition matches your training to help you generate best results and so you have better energy and focus when you step on the playing field!

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