“Premier’s most advanced training methodology for incoming and current college athletes.”

Winter Break Training 2018-19

Wednesday December 12th – Friday January 18th – 
$60 / Week

12th & 14th
19th & 21st
27th & 28th

2nd & 4th
9th & 11th
16th & 18th

Training Includes:

90 Minutes of Premier’s most advanced training methodology for collegiate athletes.

Improved speed, running technique, agility, explosive power, linked strength and flexibility to enhance athletic performance and reduce injury risks. Athletes can bring in their strength and conditioning program from college for Premier coaches to implement into their training.  In addition, Premier coaches will implement individualized training that athletes are not getting at school.

The Collegiate Program is for:

  • Current College athletes that want to gain a competitive edge and be ready to compete at a higher level upon returning to school.
  • Athletes entering college this fall and want to be prepared for the demands of collegiate athletics.
  • Athletes coming off an injury or sub par season and want to get back into “game shape”