Collegiate Training

Summer Collegiate Training is designed for current and rising college athletes in preparation for the upcoming school year.  Each 60 minute session uses our most advanced training methodology with the needs of the college level athlete in mind.   Each training session is broken down into 10 minutes of Proper Warm Up/Activation, 20 minutes of either Linear Speed, Agility or Power (daily theme), 25-30 Minutes of Strength Training and a 3-5 Minute Static Stretch to finish.  Each week progresses upon the previous week and the training program is broken up into two 5 week cycles to help every athlete generate the best results.

The Collegiate Program is for:

  • Current College athletes that want to gain a competitive edge and be ready to compete at a higher level upon returning to school.
  • Athletes entering college this fall and want to be prepared for the demands of collegiate athletics.
  • Athletes coming off an injury or sub par season and want to get back into “game shape”


Summer 2024 Program
June 3rd – August 7th (10 Weeks)
Monday/Wednesday  – 7:15-8:15pm


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