When athletes train for speed, there are many analogies and coaching cues we provide to correct their running form and make their sprinting technique as efficient as possible. This week we are coaching the athletes with the analogy of their body as a car frame and how stability of the frame plays a significant role in the effectiveness of their sprints.


Vehicles are manufactured with a strong, sturdy frame which provides a foundation for all the other parts to work off. Whether the vehicle travels at 10mph or 70mph, the frame shape remains the same, allowing the vehicle to move forward with no wasted side-to-side motion.


Much like a vehicle, an athletes “car frame” is their head, torso, and hips. During an athletic sprint, these components need to remain strong and sturdy to allow the athlete to produce the most efficient motion forward. If these components are weak or the athlete is not mentally engaged in keeping them compact, the result is leaked energy leaving the body in directions other than straight ahead, thus making their sprint and overall effort slower and less efficient.


During speed sessions, the staff at Premier closely watches to ensure your athlete’s “car frame” is intact so they can gain the most speed from their effort! Every sprint repetition counts and sports can often come down to very tight windows of only hundredths of seconds. Making sure the “car frames” are strong and in proper position can be the difference in those tight game situations!


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