More than 91% of people who start an exercise program will quit early.

Even before their new routine becomes a habit, 61% will give up within the very first week.


The reality is that changing your lifestyle is hard.


Despite all the infomercials and ads claiming that you can lose weight and transform your body in thirty days, the truth is, getting fit should be part of your lifestyle, not a 4 or 12 week thing that fizzles out after.  A good, properly designed workout should be fun and part of your lifestyle the same as brushing your teeth is.


We have found that working out in a semi private group with 1-3 other people is the best strategy to stick with it, have fun and get the best results you are looking for.


There is no gym intimidation, the exercises are customized around each person’s needs and they ease into it with gradual progression each week and have fun in the process in a family like atmosphere.


As part of our 15 years in business promotion, we are giving away FREE 14 day trial memberships in our semi private and group training program valued at $199.  We are very excited about this program and the results our members are getting!  Here is what’s included in your 14 day trial:

  • High quality 55 minute semi private sessions that anyone can do
  • A customized “client card” with exercises designed around your individual goals
  • A maximum of 1-4 people in each group
  • Nutrition Packet to help you eat cleaner
  • Free Group classes included with enrollment in a Semi private training
  • Qualified, motivating coaches that take the time to ensure your form is correct and you have a great training experience


To sign up for your 14 day trial, click the Free Trial link at the top of the page.  Once you sign up, one of our great coaches will contact you to schedule your first 2 semi private sessions which is what we recommend to start and then we will meet 15-20 minutes before the start of the session to discuss your goals and ease you into it.