Monday February 18th, 1:00-3:30pm

For athletes 12-18 years old

First Step Quickness – Click to Enroll

Having a quick first step in sports is vital to make clutch offensivmoves, play better defense and to run faster into open space. PSC’sFirst Step Quickness Clinic is for athletes 12-18 years of age that want a quicker first step and the ability to gain a competitive advantage on the playing field. PSC’s proven training methodology has been sought after by more than 9000 athletes since 2004 due to it’s structured, comprehensive format and the upbeat, professional coaching delivery and positive environment. Each participant can expect to learn:

  • The Top 10 First Step Quickness Drills used at PSC.
  • Basic Muscle Physiology Behind a Quick First Step
  • Specific Power Drills that Influence First Step Quickness
  • Developing Whole Body Strength and Core Strength to Improve First Step Quickness.
  • Flexibility and Massage Techniques to Support Quicker Muscle Contractions.

COST: $59

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