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Join a great group of people that make this the best 45 minutes of their day! Premier Fit is our signature group training program that builds strength, burns fat and helps you get more out of life.  The workout is a blend of functional strength training, core training and mobility training done in a circuit format that anyone can do in a fun, structured environment.  Whether you want to shed a few pounds, improve strength and muscle definition or want to live a better life with more strength and vitality, this is the class for you. Each session provides personalized instruction within a group setting to accommodate those who have never worked out, haven’t worked out in a while and for those who workout regularly.

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  • Best in business coaches and a family-like atmosphere that is fun and makes you want to workout! 

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 What makes our workout different?

Our 4 “Quality of Life” pillars are centrally focused in each session:

 a. Building Strength – if you lose strength as you age, your body composition changes, tasks of daily living become harder and your joints get more stressed to compensate for the loss of strength.  

b. Improving Body Composition – everyone wants to look good as they get older. By not losing the muscle on your body, you will burn calories more efficiently resulting in a better body composition and better outlook on life.

c. Strengthening your Heart – If your heart is in good shape, there is less probability of illness as you age.  You get the benefit of both strength training and cardiovascular health with the circuit style format of each workout.

d. Improving Bone Mineral Density – bones can become brittle if you don’t overload them the right way.  Proper strength training induces new bone growth.

“The workouts at Premier are challenging and the quality of coaching allows for the best results from each exercise while reducing the possibility of injuries.” Leslie Laughlin

Member since 2010

“Experienced, knowledgeable trainers with positive and encouraging attitudes.” They can accommodate varying levels of fitness in the same class.  You decide how hard you want to work.  Very efficient workout!”

Kevin Carey

Member since 2009