Premier Fit is our signature 45 minute Group Class that builds strength, burns fat and helps you get more out of life.  Join a great group of people that make this the best 45 minutes of their day!  Each well balanced workout improves functional strength, core stability and mobility  in a fun, supportive environment that you will thrive in.



“I have truly become more functionally fit!”

Pam Bina
Member since 2015

“I can’t imagine my week without you guys.”

Kevin Carey
Member since 2009

“I’ve got great results due to the quality of coaching and workouts.”

Leslie Laughlin
Member since 2009

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  • Personalized exercises that are specific to your fitness level and body type.
  • A Nutritional plan to help you eat cleaner to maximize results.
  • Qualified motivating coaches and a family-like atmosphere that is fun and makes you want to workout!

“This is a such a great 45 minute workout.”

Harold Harrison
Member since 2012