High School Training

“High quality speed, strength and power training to help athletes 13-18 perform at their best.”



High School

This program helps athletes improve their sprinting form, speed and strength so they can execute their sport skills with more athleticism and less injury risks.  The training methods used at Premier are rooted in “Olympic level” credentials so athletes and parents can expect the highest quality training methods.  Each 60 minute session is delivered in a supportive, structured environment using Premier’s proven training system. Athletes are fueled by the energy of the group and are trained individually based on their needs.

 The Workout

  • 10 Minute Active Warm Up
  • 20-25 Minutes of Speed/Agility/Power training (daily theme)
  • 20-25 Minutes of Strength Training / Individualized Training (each athlete has their own individual workout sheet)
  • 5-7 Minutes Flexibility

**We modify the workout by “adding in” what athletes are not getting outside of Premier so it is individualized**


How it Works

  • Month to Month or 3 Month Memberships available
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Any missed sessions can be made up within the month


  • Reduced Injury Risks – 60% of sports injuries can be prevented with the right training.
  • Improved Speed & Strength – Each 90 minute session works on specific athletic qualities that improve overall athleticism.
  • Goal Setting – We give every athlete specific goal to work towards.
  • Individual Strength Sheets – We provide every athlete with a customized strength sheet to address individual differences.
    Speed – We address 4 components in each linear speed sessionRunning Mechanics, Resisted Speed Training, Unresisted Speed Training, Linear Plyometrics.
    Agility – Being fast in all planes of motion is essential.  We work on change of direction techniques, reactivity, first step quickness and auditory and visual cueing
    Power – We improve an athletes explosiveness by improving muscle force, jumping and landing techniques, muscle elasticity and deceleration.
    Strength – Proper Technique, Attention to Detail, Integrated Strength Training Approach (specific to sport demands)