On Saturday March 2nd from 11:45-1:15pm, PFP will be hosting a High School Speed Clinic for athletes 14-18 years of age.  This clinic will teach High School athletes “how to” sprint properly with efficient form by breaking down the top 5 techniques to faster sprinting that have been used by over 20,000 athletes since 2004.  In addition, speed is influenced by power, strength, core stability and flexibility which will be covered and discussed at the clinic.

The clinic format will be 3-5 minute short explanations followed by a “learn by doing” format for 20-25 minutes.  Athletes will be broken up into groups based on age and developmental level.  Premier coaches use a concise engaging style of coaching to help athletes maximize learning and get the most out of the clinic.  PFP training methods are rooted in Olympic credentials that started through the lineage of Mike Caza’s mentors/coaches who include Dan Pfaff and Milt Ottey to name a few who produced some of the fastest athletes in the world including Olympic and World champions.  Athlete can expect to learn valuable information over 1.5 hours.

Speed is a learned skill and most High School athletes have never been taught how to sprint correctly.  With more sprinting efficiency and a better understanding on how each training component is interrelated, athletes will understand how to get from point A to B quicker with less injury risks that stem from poor sprinting form.  If you play a Spring sport, this clinic is a good lead in to your season.  We will be covering a Bonus section on the top 8 things to do during the season to alleviate soreness and speed muscle recovery so you can perform at your best with greater sustainability.


  • How to Warm Up properly – Massage, dynamic flexibility and specific speed & agility warm up drills
  • Sprinting Form Fundamentals – Proper arm swing, force application, leg swing mechanics and the top 5 techniques to faster sprinting
  • Speed training – The 4 components of a speed training session and why they are important (wall drills, resisted sprinting, unresisted sprinting and linear plyometrics).  Plus, athletes will get a sprinting form analysis from coaches as they are doing the drills and sprints so they understand how to improve their sprinting form and overall speed.
  • Power training – How jumping, hopping and throwing exercises improve explosive power
  • Strength training – Safe and effective strength training methods that strengthens the large muscles used to improve speed
  • Core Stability – What is your core, how it works and specific core exercises that improve speed
  • Flexibility – Specific stretches that target all the muscle groups used in sprinting and why it’s important
  • Nutrition – Pre & Post workout nutrition strategies
  • BONUS section – The top 8 things every high school athlete should be doing to enhance sports performance and reduce common injuries like shin splints, shoulder problems and ACL tears during the season.


Clinic Details
Date:  Saturday March 2nd
Time:  11:45- 1:15pm
Ages:  14-18 years of age
Location:   Premier Fitness & Performance
Cost – $49 per athlete

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Additional Information

*If you are a current member, we encourage you to enroll since the clinic is a different format than  regular training sessions and will provide more in depth learning behind speed training

*Spaces are limited for this clinic and will sell out so enroll today