I love this motto because it puts everything into perspective.


I came home last week from a long day at work and was tired.  I was thinking I should workout but didn’t feel like it.  When I sent my kids upstairs to get ready for bed, I just did it.


As soon as I heard there feet hit the stairs, I did 10 squats in my kitchen, followed by 10 pushups against the couch, I laid on my back and did a core exercise, stood up and did some back and forth movements (jog, carioca, skip) then I repeated,  It took me 8-10 minutes and just got it done.  It wasn’t a lot but I realized anything is better than nothing.


If you don’t workout, start with some simple body weight exercises while you are brushing your teeth or at your desk at work.  Last year, I did a presentation for Heinen’s corporation on 5 minute workouts they could do at their desk,  It put things into perspective for them.


A good quality workout can be done in 10-45 minutes.  The key is to just get started.  Think of working out like brushing your teeth.  You just do it.  If you start small, you will build yourself up.  Literally start with 10 squats 3 times per week (squats work over 200 muscle groups so have the greatest bang for your buck)  inch by Inch makes it a cinch.


Your life is too valuable.  You have a lot to live for.  You want to be strong, fit and energetic to see your kids and grand kids grow up and to live each day with more energy and vitality.


Once you are ready, come and train with us!  We have 3 options:

Our Premier Fit program is our signature 45 minute group workout that is adaptable for all levels of people.  From avid fitness goers to people that don’t work out.

Our Small Group Personal training program has a maximum of 2-4 people in each session and gives you the feel of a 1 on 1 session for about half the cost.

1 on 1 training is just you and 1 qualified coach.  We offer 30 or 60 minute sessions that are customized to your individual needs.

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