Announcing the 1st Annual
Kick in the Pants Challenge

Monday Oct. 25th – Saturday Nov. 20th



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Enter to Bring out your best self over 4 weeks leading into the Holidays!


The KIP Challenge starts Monday October 25th!

Everyone needs a kick in the pants every once in a while.  The KIP challenge is designed to help you elevate your fitness and health over 4 weeks leading into the Holidays.  No more excuses, no more procrastination, no more saying your too busy.  Your time is now and we are committed to helping you take back full control of your fitness and health so you have more energy, strength and your clothes fit better 🙂

Here’s what you get over 4 Weeks:


  • 12 Personal Training sessions: so you can get stronger, build lean muscle and gain energy at half the cost of hiring a personal trainer
  • A Customized Fat Loss Nutrition Program: so you will have certainty that you’re eating the right type and amount of food at the right times of day
  • 4 Weeks of Accountability Coaching: to keep you on track with your fitness nutrition, lifestyle and sleep goals
  • Unlimited Access to our Team of super friendly, experienced and VERY credentialed personal trainers that work with people of ALL fitness levels. Ask them whatever you want, whenever you want
    The Chance to Win 3 Months of Personal
    Training. We’re giving away a 3 Month membership to the winner of this challenge but most importantly, you will finish this challenge feeling better, looking better and proud that you made the commitment for yourself.

What Our Clients are Saying..

The classes at PFP are fantastic! Over the years, I have truly become more “functionally fit.” 

Pam Bina
member since 2015

“PFP has helped me regain my strength, balance and flexibility which is even more important as I continue to age.”

Leslie Laughlin
member since 2011

“Experienced, knowledgeable trainers that accommodate workouts to your fitness level.”

Kevin Carey
member since 2009