I think more than ever, young athletes need role models that can educate and inspire them to be their best.  We have always believed that when an athlete is educated about why they are doing something and how it will help them get better, they will be more motivated to work harder and get better results.


I was fortunate to be mentored by some great coaches that helped me understand what it took to reach what I was capable of.

Here are some lessons I learned while training for the Olympics.

  • Train consistently every week.  If you miss weeks, your body can’t adapt properly.
  • Work with coaches that are qualified.  I was fortunate to be taught at a young age by great coaches that helped me reach my potential.
  • It’s a marathon, not a sprint.  To reach your full potential, it takes years, not months so enjoy the daily process.
  • Be a student of your sport.  Learn everything you can about the sports you play and how to train your body.
  • Find balance.  Don’t let training and sports be your entire life.  Get away from it for 1 month out of the year.
  • When you fail, get more motivated by it and work harder next week.
  • Focus on the execution of good form in training and sports practices
  • Have a “slide show” mentality in competition, blank slides are good  

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