60 minutes of age appropriate training for athletes 11-13 years of age

Middle School 

This program is fun, structured and prepares the 11-13 year old athlete to perform at their best on the playing field.  Most of a young athlete’s body awareness, movement mechanics, coordination and balance are developed during these years making it a critical time for young athletes to train and improve these qualities. The Middle School program improves speed, strength, power, agility and flexibility so athletes can better execute their sport skills more efficiently with less injury risks. 


The Workout 

  •  7-8 Minutes of Massage/Active Warm Up / Activation
  • 20 Minutes of Speed & Agility training
  • 5-7 Minutes Challenge of the Week / Word of the Week Talk
  • 20 Minutes of age appropriate Strength Training
  • 5-7 Minutes Flexibility 

How it Works 

  • Month to Month or 3 Month Memberships Available
  • Membership begins on sign up date then recurring billing on same date as sign up date.
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Any missed sessions can be made up within the duration of the plan.



  • Improved Speed & Strength – We teach athletes how to sprint correctly and strength train correctly through a progressive training style.
  • Injury Prevention -60% of sports injuries can be prevented with the right training.
  • Positive Attitude – when young athletes have a role model to look up to and receive proper training, this sparks a positive outlook on exercise and sports.
  • Performance Evaluation- We give athletes specific goals to work towards 
  • Challenge of the Week – Each session includes a Challenge of the Week which brings out the athletes competitive instincts required for better sports performance
  • Inspirational Word of the WeekConnecting with athletes helps create more motivation and the drive to want to train.


Class Schedule