Nutrition Coaching

Premier’s Nutrition Coaching Program will help you learn how to eat better and make better choices when it comes to your nutrition.  Each 60 minute session will provide you with clear, straightforward educational advice about improving your daily nutrition so you look better, feel better and get better results from your workouts.  We are not registered dietitians so will not be diagnosing an illness, prescribing a specific diet but we will provide you with “real world” practical information that most people want and can implement right away into their daily lifestyle to get better results.  Sessions include:

  • discussing what you are currently eating and what’s holding you back          
  • strategies to improve diet
  • daily caloric intake requirement
  • understanding carbs, proteins and fats and healthy sources of each
  • weight loss strategies
  • understanding portion control, frequency of eating and reading food labels
  • tips to improve your metabolism
  • tips for eating out, grocery shopping and preparing foods
  • what to eat before and after your workout
  • recommended foods for breakfast, lunch and dinner plus tips for healthier snacking


1 Session – $85
3 Sessions – $235

To schedule your first session, call Premier at 330-487-0810 or by emailing Marisa Seitz at mseitz@premierfitnessoh.com