“Raising the Bar in Your Life”

After spending 10 years chasing the Olympic dream as a world class track athlete, Mike realized he had acquired valuable knowledge on the ins and outs of speed, strength, power and general fitness training after being mentored by the likings of Dan Pfaff, (coach of 100 meter Olympic champion Donovan Bailey) Milt Ottey (6th place finisher in 1984 Los Angeles Olympics) and several other renown coaches during his worldwide travels.  Mike wanted to share this knowledge with others to help them reach their potential whether it was an adult looking to increase strength and lose weight or an athlete that wanted to improve their speed and strength for better sports performance.

In the winter of 1998, Mike started designing the Premier training system that integrated strength and movement training to develop the “whole individual” to perform at their best.  PFP training mimics the demands of sport performance and the activities of daily living so individuals can perform at their best whether it’s running faster in sports or keeping up with the kids as we get older.  Over the next 6 years, Mike began seeing great results while putting his methods to the test and in 2004, Premier Sport Conditioning (PSC) was born then in 2018, the company rebranded and changed it’s name to Premier Fitness & Performance to better serve the clients they trained.

Mike’s unique trio of experience as Exercise scientist, former world class athlete and trainer to thousands of athletes and adults through Premier’s proven training system is what sets Premier apart. Today, Mike is an author, speaker and owner at Premier Fitness & Performance and in 2017, Mike was inducted into the Kent State University Hall of Fame.  Mike and the team of coaches at Premier take pride in delivering the highest standard of professional training and service that exceeds  our members expectations.