“Raising the Bar in Your Life”

Premier Fitness & Performance was founded in September 2004 by Mike Caza, former Olympic level athlete, exercise physiologist and published author.  After spending 10 years of his life competing around the world chasing the Olympic Dream as an elite track athlete, Mike realized he had acquired a lot of valuable knowledge that he wanted to share with others to help them reach their potential.   Mike was very fortunate along the way to be trained and educated by some of the top coaches around the world.

In the winter of 1998, Mike started designing the PFP training system that integrated strength and movement training to develop the “whole individual” to perform at their best.  PFP training mimics the demands of sport performance and the activities of daily living so we can perform at our best whether it’s running faster in sports or keeping up with the kids as we get older.  Over the next 6 years, Mike began seeing great results while putting his methods to the test and in 2004, PSC was born.

Today, Premier Fitness & Performance is my passion and I take pride knowing we are providing the highest quality training to help adults live stronger, healthier lives and athletes perform up to their potential on the playing field.