Up to 30% of your success on the playing field can be attributed to your nutrition.  Maximize performance on game day by providing your body with enough fuel to perform at the highest level possible. See if you can check off the three main components below prior to your next competition or training session!


Goals Of Nutrition Before Competition/Exercise

1. Consume a carbohydrate –rich snack or meal before exercise to top off muscle energy stores. With pre-competition jitters, liquid meal replacements may be a better choice than whole foods.

2. Include small amounts of protein in your pre-game meal(s). Protein helps build and repair muscle tissue. Approximately 10 grams of protein before exercise has been shown to buffer lactic acid out of the system.

3. Choose pre-game meal(s) that are low in fat and fiber to ensure optimal digestion.


1.5-3 Hours Before Competition/Exercise

Peanut butter and honey on toast + instant breakfast drink

Fruit and yogurt smoothie + low-fat granola

Oatmeal with brown sugar and almonds + skim milk + banana

Low-Fat cottage cheese+ crackers +grapes

Lean hamburger on bun with lettuce + tomato +yogurt-fruit parfait

Turkey sandwich + 1 banana

Tuna melt sandwich+fruit cup+fat free yogurt

2 Graham crackers with peanut butter

Sports gel, gummies, sports bar

Peanut butter jelly sandwich


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