Revitapump Recovery

Athletes that recover quicker have a distinct advantage over the competition.  With less muscle soreness and better recovery, athletes can sustain the demands of the competitive season, offset the wear and tear of intense daily practices and games and perform better on the playing field.  The Revitapump is a dynamic muscle recovery system that can reverse these effects by flushing the metabolic waste out of the blood stream so you feel better the next day and can be more productive.

The RevitaPump™ uses compression technology that applies a sequential gradient pressure through your legs and arms to “flush out” the metabolic waste.  Leg and arm sleeves are used that are connected to a compressor that facilitates your body’s natural cleansing process.  RevitaPump ™ LX7 Is The Latest In Compression & Muscle Recovery Technology

Package Prices
Single Session – $35
3 Session Package – $89
6 Session Package – $169
9 Session Package – $239

*sessions are 20 minutes in length*

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How do I schedule Revitapump Recovery sessions?
1. Download our MindBody app from the App or Play store
2. Select Premier Fitness & Performance as your location
3. Click Appointments, then select Revitapump Recovery and select the day and time of choice.
4. Purchase a single session or a package
5. Come in to your scheduled time

For questions, call (330) 487-0810 or email info@premierfitnessoh.com