Keeping You and our Staff Safe.

We have taken extra steps to keep our facility safe and sanitary during these times.  Our 6000 square foot facility has lots of open space with great air circulation and we’ve created individual workout pods spaced 14 feet apart with each pod having it’s own equipment to eliminate the sharing of equipment.  In addition, we have several sanitization stations throughout the facility and our staff disinfects all equipment after every session.  Even the equipment that wasn’t touched!

Sanitization Stations

We have several hand sanitizer stations throughout the facility as well as disinfecting gym wipes that clients use to clean their equipment afterwards.   In addition, our staff disinfects all the equipment and flooring that was used during the training session.  We take pride in providing our members with a very clean and safe environment they can rely on.  All coaches wash or disinfect their hands during and after sessions and members also wash and disinfect their hands when they arrive and leave.

Workout Pods

We have 14 workout pods that are each spaced 14 feet apart from each other.  Each pod is approximately 10×10 and is furnished with it’s own equipment to eliminate sharing of equipment.  Each pod is equipped with dumbbells, medicine balls, bands, stability balls and stretch mats.  Members will stay in their own individual workout pods throughout the workout to maximize safety and the quality of the workout.  In fact, many members actually prefer the “pod style” workout we are currently doing over the training we were doing pre-Covid!

Large Spacious Facility

We are fortunate that our facility has 6000 square feet of open space and 16 foot high ceilings that creates great air circulation and makes our members feel comfortable.  Unlike many gyms that have “tight spacing” Premier Fitness is very open and safe. 

Coaches Alley 

We have created a Coaches Alley. The coach will be in the Coaching Alley at a safe distance of least 8-20 feet away from all members.  All of our staff wear masks when we coach.