Individualized Programs in a Small Group.

Semi Private training at Premier is our highest quality Adult program that gives you the feel of a one on one session at half the cost.  Each 60 minute session is personally designed for you and done in a small group of 2-5 people.  You will enjoy the personalized attention, customized exercises and motivating environment that will help you surpass your health and fitness goals.

We’ve been working out at Premier since 2010!  The trainers are great and I highly recommend them.

Don & Marianne Richards

I’m already seeing a difference in 4 weeks!  I’m so excited and my energy is through the roof!

Tara Colopy

Ready to Get Started?

Here’s the benefits…

  • Personalized exercises that are specific to your fitness level and body type.
  • A Nutritional plan to help you eat cleaner to maximize results.
  • Qualified motivating coaches and a family-like atmosphere that is fun and makes you want to workout!