On Wednesday November 22nd from 1:00-3:00pm, Premier Fitness & Performance will be hosting a Speed & Agility clinic for athletes 10-18 years of age that will teach them proper fundamentals of sprinting form, speed, agility, power, strength training, core stability and flexibility all of which help athletes run faster on the playing field. 

Speed is a learned skill and most young athletes this age have never been taught how to sprint and change directions correctly. All of the training components that will be taught improve overall athleticism which helps young athletes lay a solid foundation for improved sports performance, confidence and injury reduction.

The clinic format will be 3-5 minute short explanations followed by a “learn by doing” format for 20-25 minutes.  Athlets will be broken up into groups based on age and developmental level.  Premier coaches use a concise engaging style of teaching/coaching to help athletes maximize learning and get the most out of the clinic.  PFP training methods are rooted in Olympic credentials so athletes can expect to learn valuable information over 2 hours.  Below is what each athlete will learn at the clinic:


  • How to Warm Up properly – Massage, dynamic flexibility and specific speed & agility warm up drills
  • Sprinting Form Fundamentals – Proper arm swing, force application, leg swing mechanics and more
  • Speed training – The 4 components of a speed training session and why they are important
  • Agility training – How to be more reactive and cut quicker in all directions
  • Power training – How jumping, hopping and throwing exercises improve explosive power
  • Strength training – Safe and effective strength training methods for athletes 10-18 years of age that strengthens the large muscles used to improve speed
  • Core Stability – What is your core, how it works and specific age appropriate core exercises that improve speed
  • Flexibility – Specific stretches that target all the muscle groups used in sprinting and why it’s important
  • Nutrition – Pre & Post workout nutrition strategies


Clinic Details
Date – Wednesday November 22nd
Time – 1:00-3:00pm
Ages – 10-18 years of age
Location – Premier Fitness & Performance
Cost – $40 per athlete

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Additional Information

*Athletes will be put into groups based on their age and skill level*

*If you are a current member, we encourage you to enroll since the clinic is a different format than  regular training sessions and will provide more in depth learning behind speed & agility training

*Spaces are limited for this clinic and will sell out so enroll today