With Spring Break right around the corner, I’m sure many of you have plans to take time away and relax. One important aspect of spring break we discussed in our staff meeting Monday was Recovery and why taking time away benefits athletes.


Most young athletes play sports year round which takes a toll on the body.  By taking 1 week to recover, the body heals itself from any previous injuries, mental fatigue and from the demanding practice and game schedules. Most importantly, athletes will come back with a renewed mindset and sense of vigor to attack their training and/or practice schedule harder than before!


Athletes in the past have questioned whether a week is too much? The answer is no. In order for an athlete to lose significant gains from their training, they would need to stop for 3-4 weeks. They should view the week off as a component of training and part of the entire year.


Like Usain Bolt says “50% of my training is sleep.”  Usain Bolt along with other top athletes in sport understand the benefit of rest and how it allows them to maximize their performance and overall gains.


If you are going away on vacation or having a Staycation, here are few things to consider doing to enhance your recovery:
-schedule a massage for yourself
-buy an expensive coconut water or Fiji water
-do an activity you don’t normally do like swimming, kayaking, ice skating etc.
-sleep in an extra hour each day (usually not a problem for kids)
-schedule a Revitapump recovery session at Premier
-start your mornings different with recovery in mind (glass of lemon water, 10 minute stretch, 10 minutes of meditation etc, make your parents breakfast :))


We hope everyone has a great Spring Break!


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