Building speed and strength collectively as one solid unit.

Team Training

Equip your team with more athleticism so they can execute their sports skills with more speed, strength and explosive power.

Let the professionals at Premier design and deliver a speed & agility program to boost your teams performance and reduce injury risks.  Each 60 minute session can be implemented at your facility or ours using PFP’s proven methodology.  Each sessions delivers a motivational, upbeat coaching style with attention to detail on correct intensity and form to maximize results.


U10-U18 Team Training

  • Our goal is to augment your current practice schedule with 2 day/week team training
  • We take the guess work out of conditioning for you so you can focus on coaching
  • 60% of executing sport skills better is based on having adequate levels of speed and strength
  • Professional instruction from Olympic level coaches with a proven track record since 2004


  • Your team will have a 60% reduced risk of injury so more players can contribute.
  • Improved team confidence and team camaraderie.
  • Enhanced speed, strength, agility and power which translates into better execution of sport skills.
  • Reassurance knowing your athletes are being trained with professional guidance and instruction.
  • Team goal setting prior to start of training to ensure every player on the team does their part.

“Mike and the PSC team had my players in the best shape of their lives.”

Omid Namazi

Former Head Coach, Cleveland Force Soccer