“We can’t say enough about Mike Caza and his PSC team! Mike has worked with our son extensively and has nourished his love of exercise. Mike has taught him proper workout mechanics and as a result, he continues to progress in the sports he loves and stay healthy.

As a high school freshman, our son was injured at school weight training for sports without proper supervision or personalized plan. Because the weight training was done improperly our son compiled many injuries including constant back and shoulder pains from a muscular imbalance, shin splints, and plantar fasciitis. He was becoming overwhelmed by these injuries. He went from competing strongly in three sports to rehabilitation and one sport. When we came to Mike he assured us that he had dealt with this situation many times before and would recuperate our son.

Over that year, our son became noticeably calmer because he was no longer dealing with aches and pains. His feet, shoulders, and back were finally feeling strong and healthy again. Because of his bad experience with weights, he was very wary to use them. But Mike always supervises and ensures that all athletes use proper technique. Now our son regularly weight trains because he is confident and knows what he is doing. Mike and his team always take the time to explain, to motivate, and to inspire their athletes. According to our son, from the minute you walk through the door, you are psyched to be there and achieve! From the enthusiastic attitude of Mike and his team, to the “word of the week” which is explained near the end of the session, and motivational quotes on the walls, PSC is an exciting place! Mike’s all-around professionalism and genuine desire to help each one of his athletes reach their goals is unmatched. We can’t thank Mike enough for getting our son back to a place of health and confidence. In the fall our son will attend the college of his choice and compete as an NCAA Division I decathlete.”

– Dr. & Mrs. Todd Csorba