When you enter our facility, there is a sign on the door that says 1% Better today.

The whole thought process behind this slogan is if you picked a simple small goal and stuck with it everyday, it will lead you to the bigger goal right?


 In theory yes, but most people think about the bigger goals and aren’t disciplined enough to execute the 1% Better today goals.  I routinely hear people say I want to lose 20lbs or we hear athletes say I want to make the varsity team.  When I ask, how are you going to accomplish those things, most people say I’m going to work harder or I’m going to eat less.  They are usually very vague goals that are not well defined.

If you want to lose 20lbs or make the varsity team, you need to pick a few daily goals and stick with it.  Once you stick with it for 1 month, make minor tweaks as needed based on your outcomes.

I think a lot of people overthink these things and make it more complicated than what it needs to be.  You have to give it time.  Think small daily goals over several months will increase your chances of success and most importantly make it a habit for life.  How many people have you saw lose a lot of weight in a short time only to put it back on within the year?  It’s because what they were doing wasn’t sustainable and not part of a healthy lifestyle.   Long term goals lead to long term sustainability and a healthier lifestyle.

At the start of the year when I was training for the Olympics back in 1996, my coach asked me, what is your goal?  I said high jump 7ft 5 inches.  He said, no… how are you going to accomplish high jumping 7ft 5inches? It was definitely an Aha moment for me.   I was thinking bigger goals and just hard work but never set the 1% Better today goals which was the key for helping me jump 7ft 5 inches.  We quickly mapped them out and the results paid off.  I think that’s such an important principle.  Think small daily goals, be disciplined to achieve them and give yourself several months, even years to accomplish them with the understanding that it will become part of your lifestyle and lead to long term sustainable results whether its losing 20lbs or making the varsity team.  Go get 1% Better Today! .