Even though winter is winding down and spring is getting closer, there are still plenty of cold days ahead of us. Many people struggle to stick to their workout routines when the cold weather outside makes it tough to leave the house. However, here are a few ways to help you get motivated to get off the couch and into your gym clothes:


1. Sign up in advance: If the work out class you plan on going to has the option of signing up in advance, do so. Signing up will help you feel more committed to attending the workout instead of deciding if you should attend the hour or two beforehand.


2. Lay your clothes out: If you are a morning person but have found that lately it is hard to motivate, try setting out your clothes and everything you need for your workout the night before. Having everything you need for the next morning’s workout already laid out will make getting out of bed and out the door way easier.


3. Workout times: Working out in the morning will jump start your day and give you that boost of energy necessary to attack your work day and have a positive attitude.  Working out in the PM can help you blow off the stresses from the day!


4. Embrace the cold: Living in NE ohio offers us the luxury of being able to experience 4 seasons! Know that the Winter is part of our cyclical experience and shouldn’t take away from your fitness goals!