In January 2000, I was working for another sports training company and got the opportunity to train Jim Thome.

Jim was a class act and a really good guy.  He had a lower back injury and was looking for our expertise to help him rehab and work on his strength and speed in  preparation for the upcoming season.


Jim would train 3 days/week with a few other baseball players that were just out of college and trying to make it to the big leagues.  It was a great experience to be around one of the greatest baseball players of all time but even more intriguing to see how much of a mentor Jim was to the other 2 players he would train with.

I remember on numerous occasions he would say to the other guys, “proper preparation prevents poor performance.”  He was a bundle of knowledge and I learned a lot from that experience.  He would talk a lot about his routine everyday from his nutrition, to his rest, to batting practice to his therapy sessions, to ice baths and massage and then to training with us 3 days/week.  His routine was very methodical and consistent and very well rounded.


I think the best athletes in the world are very methodical and consistent in their preparation.  I know my routine training for the Olympics was very similar.   You have to be methodical and consistent on a well rounded program to be fully prepared to compete at your best.


Every athlete wants to be the best but many are not willing to put in the methodical, consistent work year in and year out to reach their full potential.


So always remember, proper preparation prevents poor performance.  Obviously we know that the best preparation can’t prevent poor performances but you can reduce the amount of poor performances you have and increase the amount of good performances you have the more prepared you are.  Enjoy the journey.