Premier Fitness & Performance in Twinsburg has put together a 2 hour Strength & Conditioning clinic for all Twinsburg AC soccer players on July 9th from 1:00-3:00pm.  This clinic will be a great opportunity for players to learn about specific training, nutrition, injury prevention and mindset strategies to improve soccer performance, reduce injury risk and boost confidence and readiness to perform better on the soccer field. The clinic format will be 3-5 minute explanations of the training components followed by a “learn by doing” for 15-20 minutes.  Premier coaches use a concise engaging style of teaching/coaching to help athletes have fun and get the most out of the clinic.  Below is the clinic itinerary

  • Proper Warm Up and Why it’s important
  • Running Form fundamentals
  • Agility training – how to be more reactive and faster moving forward, backwards and side to side
  • Strength training – safe strength training methods for young athletes
  • Exercises to reduce common soccer injuries (groin pulls, ankle sprains, sports hernia)
  • Nutrition – Pre & Post workout nutrition and Why it’s important

Clinic Details
Friday July 9th – 1:00-3:00pm
Location – Premier Fitness & Performance
Cost – $39 per player
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