Why Premier

Our methods are rooted in Olympic credentials and have been time tested since 2004.


Since 2004, we’ve generated results for over 20,000 individuals ranging from average Joes to high performance athletes using our comprehensive training methods.  Most of our clients have been loyal to our programs for years and have referred their friends and family which is a testament to the quality of our programs.  This is attributed to our quality coaching, energized training environment and results driven methods that bring out the best in everyone that walks through our doors. Whether you want to shed a few pounds and get fitter in our Adult program or want to get stronger and faster on the playing field, we have the right program for you.


Our methods have been used by the top athletes in sport and by average people that want to live a stronger, healthier lifestyle.  We use a 52 week progressive training program which allows us to be prepared to deliver the highest quality training methods while being able to modify exercises for athletes and adults of different ages and ability levels.  Many facilities just randomly select exercises with little planning and preparation which can produce mediocre results and lead to injury.


Our family like environment is professional, positive and makes you want to come in and workout.  We integrate a well balanced approach to our athlete and adult programs in our 10,000 square foot facility. From our qualified coaches that will motivate you to be your best to the motivational quotes and music that creates the optimal experience, you will feel that our house becomes your second home at Premier.


With the abundant amount of weekend personal trainer certifications, self proclaimed experts are popping up everywhere.  Why trust your training to someone that doesn’t have the knowledge, credentials and real world experience?  Our coaches have degrees in Exercise Physiology, certifications through reputable organizations, were former high level athletes and are in the trenches everyday generating results for our members.